From a small spark to a sparkling glow

The gló-ing adventure began at a little place in Laugardalur, but it has grown into a three restaurants in Reykjavik, Iceland. With creativity, passion and indispensable quality requirements, founders and owners have been able to have a profound impact on consumer habits. Gló is open in three locations in Iceland, and three in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

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Organically grown Solla

It can be said that Solla, the founder of Gló, is organically grown. Her parents have been growing organic crops for 60 years and Solla was raised in a home where home-grown vegetables were a daily thing, protect the environment was important. Solla educated herself in art and her creative power is always reflected in her cuisine, which is always an original, healthy and with beautiful appearance.

Solla has had much beneficial effects on the food habits of the Icelandic nation. She has been sharing her knowledge of healthy food with joy and warmth for decades. One of the most important things she has taught is that healthy food can also be tasty and exciting, and that she reminds us of every day at restaurants.

Solla, however, is not only known for her delicious cuisine in Iceland, but has been voted the world's best raw chef more than once and gets a lot of attention from all over the world. Recently, she released the English book RAW at PHAIDON, a reputable publisher, and has enjoyed a lot of popularity. The book has already been translated into French, German and Italian.

Solla is a great example of health and diet, and allows the country to constantly monitor the latest trends she is discovering. She works daily for a better world, whether it's educational, cooking or smiling. 

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Environmentally friendly

All waste at Gló is sorted and sent to appropriate recycling, but we also strive to limit the trash from the beginning. We only work with recyable containers and try to minimize the plastic usage as much as possible. 


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Energy, positivity and diverse experience characterize managers and the staff of Gló. We work everyday with smile on our faces, happy to serve our customers with great food. 

Send mail to if you want to become a member of our team. 

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