About Gló

From a small spark in a sparkling glow

In 2008, Sólveig Eiríksdóttir and Elías Guðmundsson participated in the operation of Gló í Listhúsinu. It had been run for one year by Guðni Gunnarsson and Guðlaugur Pétursdóttir in conjunction with Rope Yoga activities in the same house. From the first day of opening Gló, the goal was clear: to make people feel right, share love and thus have a positive impact on both physical and mental health. When it came to Solveig and Elías, better known as Solla and Elli,they acted locally, there was no radical change but perfect harmony with their own values.

The decision was taken on Friday and new owners began to process food immediately after spending the weekend shopping for the food at Hagkaup and cutting down vegetables in the kitchen at Engjateigi. Solla's creative power and passion resulted in a magical and powerful voice during the day, but is displayed in an unwavering knowledge of the courses she held in the evening. 

In May 2013, Gló opened a new location at Laugavegur 20b, which has both a history of Iceland's health impact and Solla itself. In the house, Náttúruulækafélag Íslands (NLFÍ) had been housed for a long time, but there was also a long-run restaurant On the next grasses where Solla herself had worked early in the process. She had come to an old home country with a new approach and received the most bright hope.

A year after the opening of Laugavegur, strong companions were born when Birgir Bieltvedt and Eygló Björk Kjartansdóttir married a stake in Gló. Thereafter two new places were opened. First, Gló was in Fákafen, where a magnificent grocery store and Tonic Bar were also serving nutritious and refreshing drinks, while the Fákafen dining hall was designed with a new style. From the beginning, specially designed bowls have been offered at their request, complemented by fresh vegetables, wholesome protein and delicious sauces. Soon after opening in Fákafen, guests were welcomed to Gló in Hæðasmára, Kópavogur, where there was also a central production hall of Gló. 

Today, the four places are of the same passion and passion and lay in the air when Solla and Elli opened the door for the first time on Engjateigur, but now in a concerted effort of two couples whose aim is to improve constantly and constantly seek new ways to meet the diverse needs of health conscious Icelanders. All product development, food design and innovation are still in the hands of the creative and energized Sollu, an unwavering source of ideas and affection, as it is equally likely to be found in an original vegetable dish, singing in the dishes or in the hug of a close employee.

The globe grows every day, both in size and no less within the number of gold coins that have formed the Glow family in all its glory.