Organic certification policy

At Gló Danmark A/S our policy is to always have our organic raw
material consumption between 60% and 90% of our total consumption
in DKK ex moms.

We are dedicated to always use the best raw materials of the
highest quality, and every day we strive to keep the highest
standards regarding our supplies.

To be able to always have our organic share between 60%-90%, Gló
has established policies and procedures which applies to all our
restaurants in Denmark.

We have a close collaboration with our suppliers. When working
with wholesalers where both organic and conventional goods are
traded, we follow a strict policy when organic goods are not

As we are a chain of restaurants, we cannot always be flexible
with changing our menus. Therefore, we strive to find suitable
alternative raw materials if organic options are not available.
As an example - if we cannot obtain organic pumpkin, we may choose
to buy organic butternut squash instead as a substitution. When
this is necessary, we inform our customers about the temporary
change. Furthermore, we always offer at least one seasonal dish,
to make sure that we always have a way to implement the best
organic raw materials of the season.

We are also highly dedicated to offering only organic beverages. We
offer a wide selection of drinks such as lemonades, energy drinks,
coffee and wine, of which everything is organic.



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